Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ella Turns 4!

My sweet niece Ella turned 4 last week and on Saturday my sister put together the cutest party for her.  Ella is such a girly girl and obsessed with everything princess.  Ella's favorite princess is Cinderella, so my sister hired Cinderella to be at the party…every little girls dream!  All of Ella's little friends came over dressed as their favorite princess.  They got princess lessons, read a story, and had their faces painted. The boys headed outside to play and avoided the princess all together :)

Cinderella and Ella

She is so beautiful!

Ella and Bennett

With my sweet girl and a sleepy Walker!

Best buds!

It was such a fun party and day celebrating Ella.  She is the sweetest girl and it was great watching her have such a great time at her party while being surrounded by all the people who truly love her!
Happy Birthday Ella!  We love you!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Performance

Last week Bennett had his Spring Performance at school.  The performance was for all of the kids in the 3 year old classes so it was a large group of kids and they did such a good job.  I have to hand it to their music teacher because she does such a good job getting those kids up there and performing everything so well!  I know that cannot be easy.

Bennett did a great job singing but didn't really get in on the dancing!  We recorded the whole thing and he asks to watch it all the time.  You can tell during the video when he gets embarrassed and he threw a couple looks mine and Jeremy's way that were like "Mom and dad stop waving at me you are embarrassing me!!"

This crazy child!  We barricaded him in the aisle with his stroller just to contain him.  I brought so many toys and every snack I could think of so he could make it through.  He does not like to be still but he did pretty good!

Sweet Bennett!  He is on the back row second from the left.  

All done…Phew! 

Walker was so excited to see Bennett when he was done.  It was adorable!

Love this boy!

I took Bennett after the performance for a little treat since he did so well.  He told me I deserved a treat too because I watched him so we all had a little something yummy!  It was a fun day and I was so proud of Bennett.  

Snow and Valentine's Day

I am way behind on posting what has been going on, so here is an attempt at a recap!

Last month we had two snow storms hit and keep us stuck at home for days.  Bennett missed so much school!  The snow was a lot of fun to play in with the boys and luckily Jeremy can work from home so we had two rounds of family time.  I will admit towards the end we all got stir crazy and the snow wasn't that much fun anymore!

Isn't he so cute in his snow boots!?  

When it snows you must wear sun glasses

Making snow balls!

Sweet baby enjoying his first time in the snow!

The second snow storm came the week of Valentine's Day so Bennett's school party was postponed because school was closed.  On the morning of Valentine's we gave the boys a few little gifts.  Luckily the snow was melting that day so we were able to get out of the house!  We went to have dinner as a family and had a low key night.  It was fun spending the day with my 3 Valentines!

Checking out his fun stuff!

He was confused, he just wanted food!

My sweet boys!

The following week when they were back in school Bennett got to have his Valentine's Party finally.  He loved exchanging cards with all of his friends.  It was a fun week but I really hope we do not get any more snow!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

18 Months and Full of Personality!

Walker is now 18 months and boy is this kid funny!  He loves to make people laugh, if he does something and you start laughing you better be ready for him to do it over and over again to get a reaction out of you.  He is so sweet and loving, but can be so feisty and defiant all at the same time.  He will be a tough one to discipline!  He does something wrong and we will get on to him, and he will just walk up to you with this huge smile.  It always makes me laugh so then he laughs, thinks he is off the hook, and does what we asked him not to again.  So then we start over!

He loves Bennett and they sometimes play really well together some days not so much.  I never thought I would have to referee their fights at this age already, but some days I feel like all I do is tell them to share, not hit, stop messing with your brother, etc!  I love seeing his and Bennett's relationship grow.  When I pick Bennett up at school Walker gets so excited and it makes me so happy to see them interact with each other.  Everyone comments on how much the two of them look alike and they do, but they are complete opposites and I actually love how different they are from one another.

Walker is also going through a major I want Mommy phase!  Bennett was shy at this age and had separation anxiety in general.  He just didn't like being around new people, but Walker just wants me all the time right now and it is getting a little hard to walk out the door when I have a little 18 month old running after me screaming his head off.  It breaks my heart but is also frustrating at the same time.  We leave him in the nursery at church, I take him to the gym daycare a few times a week, and I leave him in the nursery at my Bible study so it isn't for the lack of trying on our end to get him used to me leaving him, but that boy just wants his mommy!  He gets really mad if Bennett comes and sits in my lap and will try to push him out.  I guess I should just soak up all the Mommy love while I can!

Goof ball insisted on wearing this hat at breakfast

After his first timeout.  I think his face says it all, he is is not a fan!

Sweet baby at his 18 month check up

Walker is "talking" and always vocal, but isn't saying anything too clear at this point.  He understands everything we say which the pediatrician said is more important and he can tell Walker wants to talk so he will figure it out.  I can tell him to go get specific toys, shoes, etc and he can do it so he is pretty smart!

Here is what Walker can say so far:
Mama, Dada, Daddy, doggie, kitty, bye bye, hi, ni ni (night night), yeah, and boo (Bennett taught him that one)!
He can shake his head No, wave Hi or Bye, and give high fives.  He knows where his head, belly, feet and tongue are and he can tell you what a monkey, kitty, and lion say.

Walker is just so much fun and we love him so much!  I just can't say enough about Walker and I love seeing the little boy he is turning into.  He is just the sweetest and funniest little guy!

My boys are growing!!

Earlier this month Bennett had his 4 year well check.  He has grown a lot in the past year!  The appointment was really long and not fun for Bennett!  He had to do a vision and hearing test.  He did fine during the vision part and followed the nurses directions.  Once we went in to do the hearing test he was losing interest and would raise his hand when he heard the beep about every third beep.  I know Bennett can hear, he actually had a hearing test at school and passed.  His attention span at this point in the appointment was wandering.  They said it is normal at this age for them to not do the entire hearing test and we can try again next year!

I had prepared him for the fact he had to get shots at his appointment, but I never mentioned that the doctor would have to examine him first.  He was not a happy camper when the doctor examined him.  Then the nurse came in to give him his shots and he didn't even flinch.  I guess you never know what to expect from a 4 year old because I expected him to be upset with the shots and not the examination.

Here are Bennett's stats:
Weight: 41 lbs 85%
Height: 40 3/4 in 61%

Walker had his 18 month well check this week.  He has grown almost 3 inches in 3 months!  He is finally evening out on his height/weight ratio.  His appointment was really easy because this check up required no shots!!  We got in and out pain free and Walker thought it was all fun and games!

Here are Walker's stats:
Weight: 27.4 lbs 87%
Height: 33 in 71%

His height percentage at 15 months was 25% so he has really grown!

We are really lucky to have two such healthy boys.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas was so much fun this year especially now that the boys are older and Bennett really gets it.  I feel like Jeremy and I did so much work leading up to the big day then it was over so fast, but all the work was so worth it!

We also talked a lot more about the fact that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday.  Bennett was excited it was Jesus' birthday and wanted to know how old he was going to be.  I told him he was really old, and Bennett said "so he is going to be 9?"  I didn't know how to respond to that.  I guess to a 4 year old 9 seems old!

We started off our Christmas activities with baking cookies for Santa.  You can't leave Santa high and dry so Bennett and I worked hard on making him some really yummy treats!

Silly boy messing around with our cookie cutters!

Decorating our cookies

Walker wants those cookies in his belly!

Testing them out to make sure they are acceptable for Santa :)

Christmas Eve we headed up to Jeremy's parents house to celebrate Christmas with them.  The boys had so much fun opening gifts and playing with Carder.

Helping Gigi decorate cookies

My sweet Walker

Walker was SO excited to get this chair!  He always tried to take over Bennett's chair at home so it was time for him to get his own.

Bennett and Carder got bean bag chairs

They quickly turned into launching pads!

Opening more gifts

Cousins :)

Once we got home we had to get ready for Santa!  Bennett picked out cookies for Santa and put out reindeer food in our yard.  We got them to bed and got to work to get everything ready for Christmas morning.  Celebrating Christmas with kids is so much fun!  I was so excited after we set everything out for them on Christmas Eve and couldn't wait for them to wake up to see the look on their faces!  Bennett woke up around 6:40 and was so excited he said he couldn't go back to sleep, so our morning started early!

Picking out the perfect cookies for Santa

Putting out the reindeer food


The boys ran over to their toys as soon as they came downstairs

Bennett was so excited to see his blue bike from Santa

Seeing that Santa ate the cookies and drank his milk.  Santa also left the boys a little note!

So excited!!

Tearing into his gifts!

After we opened gifts we ate breakfast and let the boys play.  We let Walker take a nap and once he woke up we headed over to Lyndsay and Dallon's to celebrate Christmas with them, my parents, my uncle, Sloan and Mikki.

Ella and Bennett getting ready to open more gifts

Sweet Ryan

Walker's toy from my parents.  All of the kids loved this toy!

The boys playing!

It was a great few days celebrating Christmas with family.  As soon as Christmas is over I feel the need to organize and purge toys to make room for the new toys and take down all of the decorations.  I love the house being decorated but as soon as Christmas is over I want it gone!  We are now recovering from all of the excitement and craziness and getting ready to celebrate New Years.  We are planning a very low key night for New Years Eve and New Years Day we have friends coming over.  Looking forward to a great 2014!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Activities!

Last week we took the boys to see Santa.  This Santa is the Santa we took Bennett to see when he was 1 and 2 years old.  Last year we see didn't get to see this Santa and I was disappointed, so we made a point to make sure we saw this Santa again!  They let you set an appointment which is awesome because you do not wait in line for an hour and they also video your kids time with Santa if you want them to.  I love looking back at our old videos so it is really nice to have.

Bennett has been beyond excited to see Santa and had his list ready!  He assured us he wasn't going to cry, which would be a first.  I was pretty certain Walker would lose it.  He is going through major separation anxiety from me right now.  We got there and we were one of the first appointments of the day so Santa walked by us while we were waiting and he came up to Bennett to say Hi and asked for a high five.  Bennett didn't hesitate to give him a high five, so I thought we were good to go!

We get up to sit on his lap and Walker started to cry a little and all of a sudden Bennett starts screaming "I want Mommy!!!".   I was surprised he got so upset but I think it freaked him out that Walker cried and so many people were watching and yelling for them to look at the camera.  The camera guy asked me to sit closer so the boys could look at me and still be facing the direction of the camera.  As soon as Santa pulled out their wish lists Bennett calmed down.  I guess he realized he needed to make sure Santa knew exactly what he wanted this year.  Walker ended up doing great and loved the little prop Elmo toy the camera guy had.  Walker was dying laughing every time he shook Elmo.  We finally got a non crying picture this year!!!!!  Walker has the biggest smile on his face and Bennett has a tiny smirk.  At least they aren't screaming for once!

This is just one I got with my phone not the actual picture we ended up with.  Santa was going over their lists ;)

Yesterday Bennett's class had their Christmas party at school.  I am the room mom this year so it was a lot of work coordinating everything and it made me realize I never want to be room mom again! Honestly I never wanted to be the room mom, but I was the last one to show up to Open House and the teachers asked me if I would mind signing up since no one else did.  Let me just say I will be first in line at Open House from now on to get first dibs on those sign up sheets!  I don't know how teachers deal with all of the parents, it can certainly test your patience!

Luckily the party went great and the kids and teachers had a great time.  That is really all that matters!  

Making his candy cane craft


Decorating his cookie

Bennett's last day of school is tomorrow until next year and Jeremy is off all of next week.  I am really looking forward to things slowing down a bit.  Jeremy and I actually finished all of our shopping and wrapping already!  My parents watched the boys for us all day on Saturday so we could finish our shopping.  I am so glad everything is done and now we can just relax and do more fun things like bake and countdown to the big day!