Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day was fun this year!  I didn't have anything huge planned.  I just had a few little surprises for Jeremy.  Bennett was so excited he told Jeremy pretty much everything we got for him and where I hid everything, so the actual day of Father's Day Jeremy didn't get much because Bennett had already given it to him!  Got to love a 4 year olds grasp of what a surprise means!

We started out our day by picking out new patio furniture.  We are having our patio redone and expanded so we finally found something that we like.  Then we headed to lunch with my dad, Lyndsay, Dallon, Ryan and Ella.  We had such a great time and I loved spending time with my dad.  He really is the most amazing dad and we are so blessed to have him in our lives.  The boys adore him so they loved spending some of the day with him.

After lunch we just hung out with the boys and relaxed.  Nothing too special but just what Jeremy wanted!

Jeremy with his boys

Say Cheese!  Walker loves having his picture taken…Bennett not so much!

Love these 3 more then anything!

Me and the boys are beyond blessed to have Jeremy.  He is an amazing dad and husband and we are lucky that he is ours!

Beach Trip 2014

It has been a month since our beach trip but better late then never I guess!  We went with our friends this year and it was so much fun!  Bennett had a little playmate all day and we had great company all week.  I just love the beach so much even though going with kids does not make for a relaxing week, but any day at the beach is better then a day at home!

Here are a ton of pictures from our trip…

My wild child!

He sure is cute but he was so cranky this day

Enjoying the pool!

He finds a ball everywhere we go!

Bennett and Kennedy

Running free

J and Walker

He likes the water and loves to play on the beach as long as he isn't in the sand.  Makes life difficult when your child doesn't love the sand and you are at the beach!

Taking a kayak ride with John

They collected a ton of shells!

My sweet B

 Chasing the waves

B reeling in a fish

He caught a sting ray!!!!

Bennett is my little observer and so cautious.  He stood like this so much just taking everything in!

Handsome guys!

Our last night at the beach

Hether, John, and Kennedy

My other handsome guy

Enjoying frozen yogurt


Me and my Jeremy!

They ran in circles for the rest of the night!

Sweet wild one trying to keep up with the big kids

I was so bummed after we got home that we booked our trip so early in the summer.  I thought the summer would drag with nothing to look forward to, but we have been so busy since we got home the summer is flying by!  Jeremy and I also have a few kid free weekends and nights coming up so we have a lot of fun weekends coming up with some much needed kid free time!  Until then I will start planning our beach trip for next year!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last day of School!!

Bennett had his last day of school over a week ago!  His end of the year party was earlier in the week.  It was with all the other classes his age on the soccer fields.  We just did a picnic lunch and then let the kids run and play.  There were bubbles, popsicles, and water balloons so all of the kids had a really great time!

Running around barefoot with his popsicle

This crazy boy held his own with all the big kids.  He had a blast!

B running with some of his friends

It was a hot day!

Friday was his last day and I was really sad he had to leave his teachers.  I loved his teachers this year and his class.  He got so lucky and ended up in the sweetest class this year.  His teacher even said all the time how wonderful they all were and how well they all got along and it really was true.  Bennett was one of four boys in the class which ended up going down to 3 when one of the boys moved away.  The other two boys have become really good friends of Bennett and luckily their moms and I get along great and have become friends too!  Bennett always seems to have friends that are girls so I am happy he made some friends that are boys and really sweet boys at that.

First day of school

Last day of school!!

My big boy!  Where has my baby gone!?

Bennett had such a great year so I treated him to frozen yogurt after school

It was such a great school year and I am thankful we have been blessed by such great teachers and kids.  We left for the beach the day after his last day of school so we are now home and starting our summer.  Bennett has playdates, VBS and swim lessons planned so I am hoping we stay busy!  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day this year!!  We started out the day by going to church.  After church we went and grabbed brunch then headed home to relax.  My dad sent me and Lyndsay to go get manicures and pedicures as our gift from him.  It was great getting out for a little bit with my sister and getting pampered!  After my mani/pedi my dad came over to watch the boys for us so Jeremy and I could go grab dinner.

With my boys!

So thankful for these two that made me a mom!

It was a great day spent with Jeremy and the boys!  I love all my boys so much and how special they make me feel!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We had a great Easter this year.  I was so happy Bennett was able to hear the story of why we celebrate Easter a lot this year.  Between his Sunday school, preschool, and class at my Bible study he heard it numerous times.  It made it easier for me to explain the story of Easter with him and even though some of it still went over his head I loved hearing him talk about Jesus and His resurrection.  A 4 year olds perspective on things like this are funny!

We started off the week making resurrection rolls.  If you aren't familiar with these you should google  them or look it up on Pinterest.  They are a great activity to do with kids to give them a visual of the empty tomb.  Again some of this went over Bennett's head but I feel like he can't hear this story enough, plus they tasted really good!

Having a good time baking!
Also when did my kid start to look like he is 8 years old??!!

Then we dyed eggs.  We waited for Walker to go down for a nap and Bennett and I did this together.  Walker would have made the biggest mess so maybe next year he can get in on the fun!

On Good Friday Bennett had school and his class had a party and an egg hunt.  It was raining that day so we missed the egg hunt because they did it early to avoid the rain, but got there in time for the party.  It was fun for the kids and Walker acted like he owned the class room.  Any questions I had about him being ready for preschool were answered for me, he will be just fine!

On Saturday we went up to Jeremy's parents house to spend the day with them, Josh, Tamara and Carder.  With all the stuff I brought up there I totally forgot my camera so I missed out on pictures of all the fun they had.  We had such a great day with them and the kids had fun playing together.  The boys got spoiled by Gigi and Papa Daddy and came home with loads of candy and toys.  

Easter Sunday we went to church and afterwards we put Walker down for a nap and once he was up we headed to my sister's house to eat dinner and let the kids have an Easter egg hunt.  They had a great time with each other!

Checking out their baskets

Sweet brothers!

Good cop, Bad cop!

These boys love sunglasses

Handsome boys!

Me and B

Real life folks!  It is hard getting a good picture with these guys.

After bribing them with M&Ms we finally got a decent picture

Love my babies!

Love these 4 kids so much!

This guy figured out how to hunt eggs very fast

Walker ended up finding the most eggs out of all the kids and we had to take some from him and give them to the big kids.

Playing with their bubble guns they got from Pop Pop

They love bubbles!!  Pop Pop always gives the best gifts.

It was such a great weekend spent with our family.  We are so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by amazing family!